About The Film

The Vampires of Daylight: Driving a stake through the heart of the health insurance corporations is the people’s history of the health care crisis and the single-payer movement to make health care a human right in the United States.

In the film, we interview patients, people on the street, and grassroots activists from Health Care Now!, the National Nurses United, and Physicians for a National Health Program.

We show the demonstrations and sit-ins at insurance company offices around the country in 2009.

The film is an unapologetic attack on President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). The legislation gives $447 billion to the private health insurance corporations – the Vampires of Daylight – the cause of the health care crisis that kills 84,000 people every year.

The ACA is racist and  excludes the undocumented from coverage.

The ACA doesn’t cover abortion.

The ACA leaves 27 million uninsured.

We  call out the “progressive” Democrats – John Conyers, Dennis Kucinich,  Bernie Sanders and Jan Schakowski – who sold out single-payer.

The film makes the case that an independent social movement must be built to abolish the private health insurance industry.

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